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Hand Sanitizer 2 fl oz (Case of 40)

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Our hand sanitizer keeps you clean and refreshed on the go. The powerful antiseptic properties of ethyl alcohol and glycerin kill are 99.9% effective against most common germs. We don't use harsh chemicals like triclosan and benzalkonium chloride. Our clear, lightly scented hand sanitizer gel goes on smooth and contains skin-loving aloe vera to moisturize and soften hands. Perfect for travel both near and far, the tiny bottle is designed to help you stay prepared for life's little messes while still looking sharp in your jacket pocket, backpack or tote.

What’s in it: ethyl alcohol, water, glycerin, tetrahydroxypropyl ethylenediamine, carbopol, fragrance and aloe vera gel.

What’s not in it: triclosan or benzalkonium chloride.

It’s all good: We don’t believe in animal testing; this product paraben-free.

Made in Illinois.

Full Ingredients+-

Active Ingredients: ethyl alcohol 62%.

Inactive Ingredients: water, glycerin, tetrahydroxpropyl ethylenediamine, carbopol, fragrance, aloe vera gel.

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