HostBOX: Pantry Bundle (by Public Goods x HostGPO)

1 ct
To help you craft an exceptional stay for your guests, Public Goods and HostGPO proudly present the Pantry HostBOX. This well curated assortment brings convenience and care to your hosting journey by offering a variety of pantry staples that ensure your guests enjoy a comfortable and satisfying experience.

Within each bundle, you'll find carefully chosen essentials that span from coffee and teas to cooking staples like premium olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. These thoughtful additions go beyond providing sustenance; they contribute to the ambiance you wish to create—a welcoming and well-equipped haven that showcases your commitment to an outstanding guest experience.

The Pantry HostBOX is now available for purchase, and we offer a discounted price for HostGPO Members. If you are a HostGPO Member please login to view your special pricing.
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Happy hosting!

HostBOX Pantry Bundle includes:
1x Coffee Filters (100)
2x Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1x Balsamic Vinegar
2x Salt
2x Pepper
2x Ground Coffee
2x Herbal Tea (20)
2x Black Tea (20)

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