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Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Our tea tree essential oil is 100% pure, organic, non-GMO and meticulously sourced for the highest possible quality. Tea tree oil’s powerful antiseptic properties make it a natural alternative to a wide variety of hygienic, cosmetic and household products. Applied topically, it’s a natural way to treat skin irritations, acne and other issues. Its distinctly refreshing scent, in combination with its benefits to the skin, makes it a popular active ingredient for shampoo, deodorant, massage oil and face wash. Also popular in D.I.Y. household cleaners, tea tree essential oil provides a natural way to clean and disinfect surfaces, kill household germs and toxic mold.

What’s in it: 100% natural, organic tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia).

What’s not in it: anything other than 100% pure tea tree oil.

It’s all good: We don’t believe in animal testing; this product is non-GMO, single origin, organic and vegan-friendly.

Product of Australia.

Full Ingredients+-

100% natural, organic tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia).


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