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Gua Sha (Case of 20)

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Custom-designed. Pure jade. Multi-purpose. Our curvaceous gua sha tool is a natural way to keep skin radiant and supple. For a facial gua sha massage, apply gentle pressure and a good face oil (our Argan Oil is great) to help relieve muscle tension, boost blood circulation, and nudge along stagnant lymph. Aside from gua sha being an invigorating practice, it’s also a meditative one. The massage process is a great opportunity to slow down, be with yourself, and relax. Follow with any toners, serums, essences, treatments, and moisturizers (including SPF in the morning).

How to Use: After cleansing, prep skin with facial oil and work the tool upward over your throat, from the center of your chin outward over your cheeks, up the bridge of your nose, and across your forehead on both sides. Use gentle pressure around eyes.

For an interactive demonstration on how to use our gua sha tool, check out our new custom Instagram Filter!

What’s in it: Natural jade. Drawstring pouch is 100% hemp fiber.

What’s not in it: Plastic, lead, silicone.

It’s all good: Our smooth gua sha tool allows you to scrape across the surface of the skin with even pressure, and without pulling or tugging. The custom-designed shape also targets specific pressure points, offering more precision than a manual massage would.

Made in China.


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