Bath & Body Essentials Bundle

12 ct

Ensure your bath and body essentials are always within reach with our compact 12oz Bundle. Tailored for the needs of a single property, this thoughtfully assembled collection simplifies the process of staying prepared between visits. Say goodbye to the headache of calculating the number of products you need and the inconvenience of purchasing items individually. This bundle delivers precisely what you need when you need it. One bundle is suitable for one property for one month.

Hand Soap 12 fl oz (3 ct)
Shampoo 12 fl oz (3 ct)
Conditioner 12 fl oz (3 ct)
Body Wash 12 fl oz (3 ct)

Parabens, synthetic fragrance, sodium lauryl sulfates, phthalates, and anything derived from formaldehyde.

We don’t believe in animal testing; these products are vegan-friendly.

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