HostGPO CleaningBOX

1 ct
We know that as a host, creating a remarkable experience for your guests is your top priority. With this commitment in mind, Public Goods has joined forces with HostGPO to present the Cleaning HostBOX, a meticulously crafted bundle designed to elevate guest satisfaction while alleviating the challenges of stocking a new property.

This bundle includes a wide selection of household cleaning essentials, complete with their corresponding refills. The bundle also includes a Stoneware Hand Soap Dispenser, and a durable borosilicate glass Surface Cleaner Spray Bottle, Glass Cleaner Spray Bottle, and Dish Soap Dispenser, all carefully selected to suit your needs.

The Cleaning HostBOX is now available for purchase, and we offer a discounted price for HostGPO Members. If you are a HostGPO Member please login to view your special pricing.
Not a HostGPO Member yet? Please visit HostGPO to learn more.
Happy hosting!

HostBOX Cleaning Bundle includes:
1x Glass Cleaner Glass Bottle
2x Glass Cleaner Refills
1x Surface Cleaner Glass Bottle
2x Surface Cleaner Refill
1x Dish Soap Glass Bottle
1x Hand Soap Refill
1x Hand Soap Ceramic Bottle
1x Dish Soap Refill
2x Scrubber Sponge (4)
1x Dishwasher Pods (24)
1x Laundry Pods (24)

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