Wooden Utensils

(Set of 4)

Made of sustainably grown acacia wood, our 4-piece utensils are easy on your cookware. They are highly durable with a sleek and minimal design that rests comfortably in your hands. This thoughtfully made set is long lasting. Our wooden utensils set includes one spoon spatula, one scraper spatula, one slotted spoon and one mixer spatula.

Made in India.

More sustainable.
Nothing to hide



More sustainable.
Nothing to hide

Sustainably grown acacia wood.

Note: Due to the hand crafting process and natural wood material there will be variations and imperfections.

Plastic or unethically-sourced wood.

This item is made with sustainably grown acacia wood.

Spoon Spatula: 2.5" x 14"
Scraper Spatula: 2.5" x 13.5"
Slotted Spoon: 3.5" x 13"
Mixer Spatula: 3.5" x 13"

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