Jumbo Ramen Variety Pack

100 packs

Never run out of this convenient mealtime favorite. Now all three flavors are available in one jumbo, money saving bundle: 7 original, 6 sesame paste, and 7 spicy sesame. With 100 packs total, it's an easy way to always have a satisfying meal on hand.

Our original recipe broth-less ramen noodles are a healthier take on this classic convenience food. Made with a special technique that eliminates the need for deep frying, they're lower in fat than traditional ramen noodles. Additionally, we never add harsh chemical additives. Our ramen noodles are all natural and made with simple, whole ingredients that were grown on a farm and not in a lab. Delicious and ready in minutes, the original flavor features a savory soy sauce and makes an excellent lunch, side dish or midnight snack.

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