Natural Fibers Gift Set

11 ct

Reusable cotton bags, agave fiber washcloths, walnut scrubbers, and wool dryer balls are some of the low-impact essentials found in this set. Give our au naturale set to the giftee who likes to keep it eco-friendly and close to home.

What’s in it: Reusable Cotton Produce Bag, Reusable Mesh Produce Bag, Reusable Cotton Tote, Wide Mesh Tote, Walnut Scouring Pad, Ayate Washcloth, Scrubber Sponge, Sea Sponge, Wool Dryer Balls, Ayate Bathstrip, Reusable Food Storage Wraps.

What’s not in it: Single-use plastic.

It’s all good: All products are eco-friendly.

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